Refer to our service

If you are a professional referring someone to our service, we will aim to get in touch with them within four weeks to confirm if they want to opt-in to our service.  If they do not respond to our request, we will not contact them further and due to Data Protection will not advise you of the outcome, unless given consent by the prospective client.

If they do want to access our services they will follow our usual referral process, and once the referral is confirmed they will be contacted by letter/phone/text and invited to attend an initial assessment.

The initial assessment will be undertaken by a qualified and experienced counsellor who will determine if our service is appropriate to them at this time. We offer a range of services including counselling, therapeutic courses and group activities and they will be informed of these if they are accepted into our service.

After the initial assessment, if the counselling service is appropriate for them, they will be placed on the waiting list, and we will endeavour to offer an appointment that fits in with their availability and specific requirements.