What we offer

The services we offer, providing support on your journey to recovery.


Access to service

Stepping Stones is currently operating in North Wales. The service is available to adults and is free of charge. Survivors can be referred by a key worker or can self-refer by contacting the office on 01978 352 717.

We have counsellors working across the six counties of North Wales.

Wherever possible we will provide support at a preferred location and choice of language and gender of counsellor.



This service is available to individuals 18+ survivors of childhood sexual abuse, we also provide support to family members, carers and friends.

You can either print and return the form to:

Ty Aurora, 59 King St. Wrexham.

LL11 1HR
[email protected]


Counselling has enabled me to express feelings to be able to talk to someone who is completely non- judgemental and shows understanding. It has helped me feel less isolated. Helped me feel after so many years that, “I do have a voice” Stepping Stones enabled me to look at things more clearly. I feel a Continue reading


Information Process

Following the initial assessment, if we are the correct service for you at this time, you will be placed on a waiting list to commence counselling, where we aim to offer your preferred choice of gender of counsellor, area, day and time when available.


Group Work

Stepping Stones believes Group Therapy is very successful in dealing with issues. This is from research and 30 years experience. The groups are closed single gender groups. Once they have started, each group keeps the same members until all the sessions are completed. Each group has between four and eight participants with two group leaders. Each group runs as 3 blocks of 10 sessions. Each group meets weekly for two hours. There is always a group of people coming for the first time. All those that attend groups are seen individually by one of the group leaders at least once before they attend. Each group session is planned and led by the group leaders. Individual cases are reviewed at the end of each module.

Group work is an option, not a requirement, you will be asked whether you would like to partake in group work, and you can decide for yourself.

Further support

Further Support

Stepping Stones aims to support you throughout your counselling journey with us, following your initial assessment you may be supported by our First Steps initiative, receiving a support call weekly until your first counselling sessions starts and during and post counselling you are able to access the support of Next Steps.

You are also able to access the support of Next Steps , a monthly group that provides a friendly welcoming, safe environment, supporting and empowering all clients past and present to overcome the impacts of their abuse, supporting them to gain confidence, build friendships and achieve their hopes and goals in life through education and a variety of activities such as art, creative writing and crafts.

It is not a counselling service but is aimed at complimenting the counselling support you receive or have received.

You can bring a friend or family member with you to any of the meetings.

We also have access to male specific group activities, such as men’s sheds and will endeavour to source activity groups that may be of interest, by request to any individual.

A quote from someone who has accessed the services of

Next Steps:

“The initial meeting is the hardest, but you have so much to gain, my confidence has grown, and I look forward to seeing my friends each month.

“We Listen”

Partner organisations

Partner Working

Stepping Stones value partner organisations and engage to work together to generate new ideas, sharing skills and knowledge to ensure that we deliver the best support to our clients.

We are committed to working within the Social Services and Well-being Act Wales, Future Generations Act and Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Act.

We are members of the Survivors Trust, Welsh Women’s Aid, Fundraising Regulator Board and all six county Voluntary Councils and are a Disability Confident Employer.

Without the support of our funders, commissioners and supporters we just couldn’t do the work we do.