Mental Health

  1. British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

    Not just the lives of individuals, but of families and communities. Our work reflects our passion for the value of counselling and its potential to improve lives.

  2. Cais

    Cais help people who are having problems with addictions, mental health, personal development and employment – as well as offering assistance and information to their families and friends. Their wide range of services includes residential treatment and rehabilitation, counselling, peer mentoring, supporting people in their homes, assisting people back into work or education, group work and other motivational interventions.

  3. Hafal

    Hafal is a Member-led Charity supporting people with mental health problems – with a special emphasis on those with a serious mental illness – and their carers and families. They also support others with a range of disabilities and their carers and families.

  4. Kim4Him

    Anyone can experience mental health challenges regardless of age, gender, race  or social background.  Kim4Him’s men’s recovery programme is designed to empower you to recognise and develop your strengths and abilities.  Supporting you to improve your wellbeing through activity and engagement.