Beth yw cam-drin rhywiol

Child sexual abuse encompasses a wide range of sexual behaviour, it involves children or adolescents in sexual activities with an adult or any person older in which the child is used as a sexual object for the sexual gratification of the other. It can include:-

  • Being touched in sexual areas.
  • Shown sexual films, pictures, literature.
  • Spoken to in a sexual manner.
  • Made to pose for sexual photographs.
  • Forced to perform oral sex on an adult or older person.
  • Raped or otherwise penetrated.
  • Touched, kissed or held in a way that made you feel uncomfortable.
  • Used for child prostitution or pornography.
  • Forced to participate in ritualised abuse in which you were sexually or physically tortured.
  • Bathed or undressed in a manner that felt intrusive to you.
  • Told all you were good for was sex.
  • Exposed to others participating in sexual activity.