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Stepping Stones has found that many people express themselves easier and better through a variety of creative ways such as Art, Poetry, Cookery. As a consequence we are developing different creative approaches that will extend the range of services we can offer. Here are some examples of work completed whilst in counselling with Stepping Stones.

Art Work

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I know there is no ready made cure,
To rid me of the bad memories I endure,
The group sessions have made me see,
That I’m not alone, it’s not just me.
After opening up about my unhappy past,
I now feel I can move on at last.
Armed with the “tools” we have been taught,
I can now quash any unwanted thought.
Gone are the days when I used to drag myself out of bed.
It’s a brighter, happier future I now see ahead.
There’s just one last thing I’d like to do,
And that’s to thank each one of you
At Stepping Stones and our group
It’s good to know I’m not the only “fruit loop !!”

October 2015 (A Client from Monday Evening Group Sessions)

"At first I was weak,
could barely speak
about what had happened to me.
But through time
you made it fine
and made me realise it wasn't me.
Through the pain and the tears
I struggled through my fears
and battled on every day
but you showed me there was another way.
For that I'm thankful and I'd like to say
without you ***** I wouldn't be OK."

October 2015 - Anonymous

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones we listen ….….but what do we hear
accounts of abuse, betrayal, and fear.
Childhoods destroyed. secrets held fast
Flashbacks, avoidance and the pain that does last.
Sometimes  their efforts to cope cause alarm
with repression, obsession, drink, drugs and self harm

Hopes that are shattered, lives stigmatized
Existences blighted by suppression and lies
Feelings of blame, of hurt  and of shame
But  pause … .. this was a child,
Small, unknowing , beguiled,
innocent, full of trust
forfeited to another’s lust

Stepping Stones counsellors what do we do…?
we listen , reflect and help them pull through,
a step at a time that’s all we ask
step by step. a slow, delicate task
Our clients are brave, it’s not easy to share 
the years of silence - to tell is to dare
but by their efforts their lives turn around
Till “Living well’s our triumph”
is the jubilant sound.

Stepping Stones we listen  ….

August 2015


No picture can ever be completed
Without all the pieces in the BOX
Just like real life, made up of bits and pieces
Some shapes different, but all belonging
To that ultimate completion
Where inner peace and serenity abide
In our SOULS, given to each one of us
Of whatever LIFE throws at us
My missing PIECE, I found
Fourteen years ago – it said

Author: An ex Service User

July 2015



Some say they understand you
They know your mind within
Yet their words are of no comfort
When darkness closes in

Your brain goes through the motions
Counting down the days
Life an endless video
Desperate to erase

Your hear so cold and empty
Emotions are bereft
Thoughts eat away your conscience
Till nothing more is left

Happiness a distant memory
Elation a mere blue
The joy of times you once knew
Cold, lifeless on the floor

Fighting pain and sorrow
Against the world and all its lies
Till from the ashes of your life
In death, the phoenix shall rise

May 2014

It Was Me

I look back on
My golden years
The dark, the blue
The pain and tears
Once felt so true
Once felt so free
Who was that person ?
Was it me ?

The times I looked
To brighter days
The drugs, the drinks
The trip, the haze
My head so mashed
I couldn’t see
Who was that person ?
Was it me ?

Again I try
To get the point
With every can
And every joint
That young lad
I still crave to be
Who is that person ?
Is it me ?

I try and try
To do stuff better
Obey each rule
Down to the letter
Bow down to their society
Who is that person ?
Is it me ?

For years and years
We contemplate
We wonder
If we’re all too late
I yearn, I beg
My memory
Who is that person ?
Is it me ?

Once more and only
Once shall pray
For god to bless
That final day
My epitaph
I write to thee
Who was that person ?

July 2014

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