Counselling has enabled me to express feelings to be able to talk to someone who is completely non- judgemental and shows understanding. It has helped me feel less isolated. Helped me feel after so many years that,
“I do have a voice”

Stepping Stones enabled me to look at things more clearly. I feel a lot happier and can cope with things a lot better, by listening to me; I now have a purpose in life. I am a very different person to the one I was at the start of counselling.

Thank you is too small a statement of appreciation for what the counselling sessions, service and specifically the counsellor, you have assisted me in moving forward with my life and coming to terms with issues.

I feel “Free” to now live my life. I am no longer carrying a secret which weighed me down. I can now be honest with my wife, without carrying a secret shame and guilt.

Thank you.

My only regret is that I did not have counselling with Stepping Stones much earlier in my life. I am however grateful that I have been helped so much now, I feel that now after more than 15yrs of isolation, I am now able to socialise and do the ordinary mundane things that most people take for granted.

It has transformed my way of thinking about my future and my life and I have felt much happier within myself.
It’s been brilliant!

It has given me my self confidence back and I am the happiest I’ve been for 50 years.

A letter written by a client of Stepping Stones.

My Story
To all at Stepping Stones………………
It was about 2 years ago I made the first move to sort my life out. I was given the phone number by a close friend who had used your service. It took me 4 weeks to make the call, once I made contact there was no going back! I went for my introduction interview and then waited to be appointed a counsellor. I was asked if I’d mind if my counsellor was a man, I did at first and I had to think about it but then I though what the hell! It may be an opportunity to gain back trust in men.
Well what can I say what a wonderful man he was, after my first very scary session I knew he was the right person for me. So every Thursday morning for the next 15mths I would turn up and have my hour of counselling. You don’t need to know my problems as they are no longer problems. The things that my counselling taught me were like pieces of gold, which came down on me through all the fog and dullness which was my life.
I soon realised it was only myself I was running from I had left situations a staggering 53 times, I am now settled, confident and have a completely different approach to life. I look after my family like I never new was possible, all this through phoning Stepping Stones, I just wish I had done it sooner, Life is amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing, this is my time.

Mission and vision statements

Mission Statement

As defined in our charitable objectives, Stepping Stones Counselling services exists to relieve suffering and distress and to improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, living within the six counties of North Wales, through the provision of free accessible and appropriate therapeutic counselling and support services. We have approximately 25 professionally qualified counsellors and our ethos is:
“Living well is our triumph”

We have referred to the guidance contained in the Charity Commission’s general guidance on public benefit when reviewing our aims and objectives and in planning our future activities.


In pursuance of this mission Stepping Stones Counselling Services exists to:

  • Improve the lives of people who have experienced sexual abuse and sexual violence in childhood.
  • Promote and improve positive mental health and emotional wellbeing of clients.
  • Maintain services that meet the needs of our clients.
  • Maintain and develop a professional workforce.
  • Work in partnership with other services in the statutory and voluntary sector.
  • Work to provide other relevant and related services for which there is a genuine need.